Orchestra/Large Ensemble

to remember is always forgetting (2018)  
Full orchestra, 12’.
picc.2.2.ca.2.bcl.2.cbsn - - timp+3perc - pno/cel - hp - strings.
Recorded by the Curtis Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kensho Wantanabe, at Curtis Institute of Music, April 2018.
Subsequent reading by the Albany Symphony, conducted by David Alan Miller, at EMPAC, May 2018.

The here - there (2018)
Soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, and ensemble 4'. - alto sax - bari sax - - perc - pno - e. gtr - b. gtr.
Commissioned and premiered by orkest de ereprijs at Gigant Theatre, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, March 2018.

reeling (2017)
Sinfonietta, 7.5'.
1.0.1(dbl b. cl.).0 - - perc - pno - strings.
Commissioned by the Chicago Symphony's Civic Composers Project.  Premiered by the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, conducted by Michael Lewanski, at Symphony Center, May 2017.
Subsequent performance by IU Jacobs School of Music New Music Ensemble, conducted by Andrew Downs, at SCI Student National Conference, September 2018.

gather (2017)
Full Orchestra, 9'.
2(dbl picc.).2.2(dbl b. cl.).2 - - timp+2perc - pno - hp - strings.
Premiered by the University of MIchigan Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jotaro Nakano, at Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI, February 2017.

tell me how (2016)
Counter-tenor, tenor, and sinfonietta, 9'.
1.1.1(dbl b. cl.).0 - - pno - perc - e. gtr - strings.
Premiered by Andrew Lipian, counter-tenor, Joshua Lovell, tenor, and Kevin Fitzgerald, conductor of AEPEX Contemporary Performance at University of Michigan, November 2016.


Blood will have Blood (2013)
Five singers, string quartet, flute, harp, and live electronics, 35’
Commissioned by the Opera Theatre of Yale College and "Shakespeare at Yale."
Premiered by Opera Theatre of Yale college with Baldwin Giang (conductor) at Yale University, April 2013.

Small Ensemble

ever thine (2019)
two violas, two cellos, and two pianos, 11’.
Commissioned by the Fondation Maurice Ravel and the Ecole d’arts Americaines de Fontainebleau. To be premiered by members of Ensemble Intercontemporain and Ensemble Kalliope at Chateau de Fontainebleau, France, July 2019.

court music | or | The Emperor Dreams of Janacek (2019)
clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola, and piano, 8’.
Commissioned and premiered by Yale in Norfolk’s New Music Workshop, conducted by Julian Pelicano, at The Music Shed, Norfolk, CT, June 2019.

antiPHONY (2019)
two trombones, live video, and electronics, 10’.
Premiered by Rage Thormbones at the Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago, IL, May 2019.

brunetto (2019)
clarinet and string quartet, 8’.
Commissioned and premiered by the New York Youth Symphony at Carnegie Hall, NY, May 2019.

muzzle (2019)
electric guitar and string quartet, 10’.
Premiered by Jesse Langen, electric guitar, and Spektral Quartet at Constellation, Chicago, IL, January 2019.

soll ich mit dir gehen (2018)
violin, viola, cello, and piano, 11.5'.
Commissioned by the Ecole d'Arts Americaines de Fontainebleau.  Premiered by Randall Goosby (violin), Yin-Ying Tseng (viola), John-Henry Crawford (cello), and Yandi Chen (piano) at Chateau de Fontainebleau, France, July 2018.

you in me, me in you (2018)
clarinet, viola, and piano, 9'.
Premiered by the International Contemporary Ensemble at University of Pennsylvania, April 2018.
Subsequent performance by Ensemble MotoContrario at Festival Contrasti, Sala Fondazione Caritro, Trento, Italy, March 2019.

breathe...blow...break (2016)
SATB saxophone quartet, 9'. 
Commissioned and premiered by the Adamas Quartet at Midwest Composers' Symposium, University of Iowa, November 2016.
Subsequent performance by the Zula Quartet at NUNC!3, Evanston, Illinois, April 2018.

WAVE (2016)
Bass flute and electric guitar, 6.5'.  
Commissioned by the highSCORE festival.  Premiered by unassisted fold in Pavia, Italy, August 2016.

I desired my dust to be mingled with yours (2016)
Alto flute and cello, 5'. 
Commissioned by the studios of Richard Aaron and Amy Porter. 
Premiered by Merryl Monard (alto flute) and Leo Singer (cello) at University of Michigan, April 2016. 

we are afraid because we run (2014) 
String quartet. 8.5'
Commissioned by New Music on the Point. 
Premiered by Ari Streisfeld, John Pickford Richards, Adrianne Pope, and Zan Berry, June 2014.
Subsequent performances: Arditti quartet at June in Buffalo, June 2016; JACK quartet at University of Michigan, March 2016.


i want you to be (2016)
Cello and live electronics, 11'.
Premiered by T.J. Borden of the [~Switch Ensemble] at Valencia International Performance Academy, Spain, July 2016.
Subsequent performances: Zan Berry at Bang on a Can Summer Festival, Mass MOCA, July 2016; Joshua Devries at University of Michigan Collage Concert, January 2018; AEPEX Contemporary Performance at Western Michigan University, January 2018; Nova Ensemble at NSEME, Denton, Texas, March 2018.  

light is the diamond (2015-2016)
Alto Saxophone, 8'
Commissioned and premiered by Jeffrey Leung at the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference in Lubbock Texas, March 2016.


don't be so overly dramatic, chuck (2017)
Mezzo-soprano and english horn, 9'. 
Commissioned and premiered by So Much Hot Air at University of Pennsylvania, November 2017.

A Body is My Temple (2012)
Mezzo-soprano and interactive electronics, 8’ 
Premiered by Jennifer Beattie (mezzo-soprano) and Baldwin Giang (electronics) at Beinecke Library, Yale University, November 2012. 

After Long Silence (2011)
Mezzo-soprano and piano, 4.5’. Text by W.B. Yeats.
Premiered by Jennifer Beattie (mezzo-soprano) and Adam Marks (piano) at Beinecke Library, Yale University, February 2011.

Electronic and Intermedia Projects

[enclosures] (2017)
Intermedia Installation

falling in love with a sentence (2016)
Sound-Art Installation

Gesture-Controlled Water Glass (2016)
Interactive Performance System.

Tug That Timbre (2015)
Interactive Game.