Dear Princeton Composition faculty,

Please use the following links to navigate to audio/video recordings of the scores submitted as my portfolio: 

1. reeling (2017)

2. don’t be so overly dramatic, chuck (2017)
Mezzo-soprano and english horn

3. gather (2017)

Digital Media Supplement           

As noted in my statement of purpose, the works listed below are exploratory first ventures into digital instrument building, sound-art installation, and inter-media installation, all created in the context of specific courses. While none are currently finalized realizations and thus should not be evaluated on the same level as the main compositions of the portfolio, they are evidence of interest in and developing aptitude for innovative approaches to music technology.   Documentation for each project is hosted online and can be accessed by going to the links below.

1. falling in love with a sentence (2016)
Sound Art Installation

2. Gesture-Controlled Water Glass (2016)
Digital Instrument

3. [enclosures] (2017)
Intermedia Installation