Recording by the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, conducted by Michael Lewanski, engineered by Grayson Elliott Taylor.


1. to lose one's balance and stagger or lurch violently 2. to wind on or as if on a reel

1. reeling divides the ensemble into two factions, one faction (comprised of the trumpet, trombone, first violin, viola, and double bass) that is tuned to 440HZ, and the other faction (comprised of the flute, clarinet, second violin, and cello) tuned one-sixth tone lower. Throughout the piece, both factions explore a dynamic set of relationships with each other: at times isolated from each other, at times directly competing with each other, at times merely co-existing, and at other times trying to find consensus.

Does disorientation have a collective as well as individual sense?

2. reeling calls and recalls its material, constantly winding back time to cast form. Directionality is an illusion, merely the negative space of concepts colliding with its previous iterations, the shadow of a spinning wheel.