Live audio recording by unassisted fold at highSCORE, Pavia, Italy, August 2017.


In western society, particularly in countries founded on the Protestant work ethic, we are socialized to think of time as linear. A linear concept of time holds that the past is behind us, the future is ahead of us, and every moment in the present moves us closer to the inevitable end. To think in the metaphor of an ocean wave, we see time from the perspective of an individual wave, constantly moving towards the shoreline. We think of our time as finite, creating an imperative to be ruthlessly efficient with it.

Through WAVE, I aim to create a space where listeners can explore several different perceptions of musical time on the same set of material. In addition to our linear concept of time, what happens if we think from the distant perspective of a person watching the ceaseless cycle of waves from the shore? Or from the perspective of the water beneath the waves, existing in a state of undifferentiated potential, until it is disturbed by an unpredictable act of wind?